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Proximity Switches, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Nashik, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, India


Proximity Switches

Manufacturer & Supplier of Proximity Switch & Inductive Proximity Switch. Our product range also comprises of Temperature Sensor, Solid State Relay and PCB Mounting Solid State Relay.
Proximity Switch

Construction: The electronic circuit is epoxy potted inside a chromium plated Brass tube. The externally threaded switch is supplied with two fixing nuts and standard unit is available with 2 mtr long cable.

Flush Mounting: Fixing of switches in the metal up to there sensing phase.

Non Flush Mounting: These switches are to be mounted keeping metal free zone around its sensing phase.

Sensing Distance: Sensing distance of proximity switch depends up on size of the proximity switch, sensing phase and material to be sensed. 


• Available with M 8, M 12, M 18, M 30. M 50
• High reliability
• Compact size
• Moisture dust and oil proof
• Maintenance free
• Contact less operation
• Ip – 67 grade protection

Common Specification:
• Supply Voltage: 10-30 VDC
• Voltage Drop: < 1 V
• Maximum Load Current: 250 M Amp
• Operating Temperature: -25 – 60°C
• Reverse Polarity Protection: Provided
• Led Indication: Provided
• Protection Class: Ip 67
• Cable Length: Standard 2 mtr (Extra Cable On Request)
• Logic: Npn / Pnp

• Contact: No / Nc
• Type: Flush / Non Flush.